Jeff's Tuesday Night Spring Band Performance Options:

Please complete the form below so we can lock in a concert date.


Please understand MockingBird has limited options available for performance dates. At any given time there are up to 20 bands running, all of which need performance dates. In addition to our bands, MockingBird is  often host to other organizations' events (improv comedy, recitals, performances, etc.). And finally, each performance is reliant on the instructor's availability, the sound engineer's availability, and the store staff availability. We have been able to make the dates below available for this show. Our preferences are in order from top to bottom. Once we receive everyone's response we will  communicate the date via our texting app.  In the event that someone can not do any of the dates below, we will go back to the drawing board to try and come up with another solution. Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

(MockingBird's preferred date is Saturday June 18th)