We are currently exploring options for our band rehearsals. We would like to try and resume band rehearsals as soon as possible but need to be sure everyone involved feels they are safe and can participate with out worry. 


Once we do resume rehearsals, we will take steps to help prevent the spread of germs. Please help us make MockingBird a safe place for all by following the following procedures:


First and foremost - If you do not feel well, please do not attend practice.


Steps we need to take from now on:

1. Singers will each be given a free microphone foam cover. Please go to the front desk and get yours. This will be yours to keep and use, so remember to bring it each week. Optionally you may bring in your own microphone to use for rehearsals.


2. Drummers MUST use your own drum sticks from now on.


3. Guitarists and bassists MUST use only their own instruments from now on.


4. Guitarists and bassists MUST bring your own cables from now on.


5. Only instructors should touch the PA mixers


Please take the last five minutes of each rehearsal and wipe down mic stands, amp knobs, keyboards, tambourines, etc. using the wipes or disinfectant spray provided in the rooms.


If everyone does their part, we can all be assured that the room is disinfected prior to rehearsal, however, you are welcome to wipe anything down prior to your rehearsal as well if you like.


Thank you for your cooperation and keep on rockin’ !