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Our Rentals are quality name-brand instruments recommended by your town's music directors

RESERVE your instrument now and get three months for the price of one

            (offer expires Oct 31st 2022)

  • An inexpensive introductory period with no further obligation for as little as $22

  • All rental payments build equity in the instrument should you choose to purchase it at some point.

  • Should you choose to purchase your instrument at anytime, there is a significant early buyout discount of 30% off of your remaining balance.

  • All instruments are insured against fire, theft and damage with an optional liability waiver. Loaner instruments are provided at no additional charge should yours need repair.

  • Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses require a measurement to determine correct instrument size -click to see guides Violins  Violas Cellos String Bass

There are two methods to rent your Instrument

 - TEXT to RENT option - Text 8761RENT to 844-872-0023


- Click the RESERVE button below to be re-directed to the Music and Arts Rental site.

IMPORTANT when entering your information: 

1. Choose the QUICK CODE option and enter the quick code S8761


2. Enter your zip code and click SEARCH to find your school

    (this works better than entering the school name)


3. Enter Government ID - Although your driver's license # is optional, the rental will process quicker if you enter it when prompted.


4. Choose "Pick up at Store" at checkout - this is the quickest option  vs. "Ship to School" or "Ship to Home" since we have 90% of the instruments already in stock.


NEXT - We will process your order and call you when it is ready (typically the same day)


ALSO - We stock the books, accessories and music stands you will need here in the store. 

(your music directors have already have informed us what you will need for each instrument)

rock instruments

Starting at $30 a month

  • 50% back towards the purchase of ANY instrument at ANY time you want

  • Electric guitar or bass includes an amplifier, case, and cable 

  • Keyboard includes a touch-sensitive keyboard, stand and case. "Touch-sensitive" means that when the keys are pressed harder, the sound is louder, which is critical to learning proper technique.

  • Acoustic guitar includes guitar case and picks

  • Drum sets include drums, cymbals, hardware and throne ($50/month)

pro rentals

& sales

Wireless mic and PA rentals & sales

  • We rent PA systems suited for small to mid-sized indoor venues. A basic system includes speakers, powered mixer, stands, cables and two microphones for $150/day.

  • We offer very competitive prices on all rental audio equipment including wired and wireless mics, full PA systems, recording and theater mics, headphone monitoring systems and more.

  • We offer competitive pricing on all audio gear including microphones, PA systems, recording equipment, wireless systems, lighting and more. We provide added value by including consulting, advice, installation, training and support of the products that we sell.




  • How do I know which size instrument my child will need?

Stringed instruments come in sizes based on arm length or height – click below to see guides: 

Violins  Violas Cellos String Bass


Woodwinds Brass and Percussion are all one size only


  • What if my child is left-handed?

“left-handed” instruments are not made for any instrument including violins, violas and cellos


  • Should I purchase a used instrument instead of renting?

MockingBird sells many refurbished instruments at discounted prices. Typically we recommend renting at least for the “three month, price of one” trial period, to be sure your child is enjoying playing before purchasing an instrument. If you are ready to buy, contact us or stop by, and we will discuss options that can save you money versus renting long term.


  • My child is playing drums/percussion – what instrument do I rent?

Your school requires either a Bell Kit, Snare Kit, or Combo Kit. After entering your school you will be directed to the instrument page. Only your school’s required instrument will be an available option here.


  • Should I decline the Limited Liability Damage Waiver (LDW)?

Choosing the added LDW is completely up to you. You may drop this coverage at any time but you cannot add it beyond the seventh day of signing your rental agreement.

Therefore, we usually recommend getting LDW at least for the three month trial period. To cancel LDW you will need to call Music and Arts at 888-731-5396


  • What if my child decides to switch instruments?

You may exchange your instrument in most cases for a different one as long as your child’s school instructor approves the change. Please call us to arrange an exchange and check eligibility.


  • Should I return my child’s instrument when the school year ends?

You may return your instrument at any time, however if your child is going to play again next year, we recommend you keep it thorough the summer so as not to lose all the equity you have invested in the instrument.

If your child would like to continue their music education through the summer, we offer packages of private lessons at any time.


  • What if my child stops playing?

Simply return the instrument to our store and we will cancel your agreement with Music and Arts. You will not be charged anything further once you return the instrument.