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John Barnett has a knack for making piano lessons fun. He adapts his approach to the age and ability levels of students depending on whether they are kids, teens or adults. He has a terrific range of styles from classical to Broadway, pop, rock, jazz and, notably, American blues and gospel traditions.

While he stresses hands-on technique development, he skillfully integrates note reading and music theory into his lesson plans.

With his extensive on stage experience, John is also able to convey the importance of ensemble playing and improvisation.


"Teaching piano lessons for the last 20 years has been a wonderful experience." says John. "I gear my lessons to be fun, productive, interesting and creative." 

Experience and Credentials

* Lifelong piano player 

* 20 years teaching experience

* Specializes in classic and contemporary keyboard styles on piano, organ and synthesizer.  

* One of the few local piano instructors with a strong foundation in blues and gospel style piano.

* MY FM Best Keyboardist Nominee 2017
* WMRC Music Awards Local Favorite Keyboardist 2014, 2015, 2016
* Founding member of nationally recognized Boston based all original rock band We Were Astronauts
* Plays jazz in the Moonlight Trio
* Plays blues in the Bone Shakers
* Plays Top 40 hits in Velvet Sky

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