Our Rock Band Program will turn a student into a musician! Those who participate in the program learn valuable team building skills, improve self confidence and self esteem, learn to express their creativity through music, and have a blast!

Students who participate enjoy music more, reach their goals quicker and practice more. We have band programs available for students who have played as few as six months. Students of similar ages are placed with others with similar abilities.


Our instructors have years of experience running these programs and focus on bringing out the best in each student, while encouraging creativity and fun!


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Rock Band





If you want to learn the art of singing in a group, join our vocal ensemble program. Performance preparations are focused especially on Harmony, Tone, Stage Presence, Dynamics and FUN! 

Vocal ensembles perform with other rock bands on the MockingBird stage. Students will learn a variety of songs including current pop, broadway, traditional, country and more.

New vocal ensembles coming

in Spring 2020

Vocal Ensembles



Group classes are offered for those who want to learn to play guitar or ukele. The instructor teaches basic techniques required to begin playing. You will learn a few simple songs and will walk away with the ability to start learning basic songs on your own.

MockingBird has perfected their teaching method to ensure that every student has fun and understands the basics of the instrument. Learn on the acoustic or electric guitar, your choice. 


The ukulele has seen a resurgence lately and you should ride the wave. Used in popular and rock music, as well as traditional music, the uke has become the go-to instrument for those who want to play music with out a lot of commitment. 

Group classes are offered in 8-week sessions. New session coming

in Spring 2020.

Group Lessons


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