Update March 29th - Scholarships and Online Lessons available/Livestream performance this Saturday

Gift Card Scholarship program to help students continue their music education:

You can now purchase gift cards from our website. These gift cards DO NOT expire and can be used for lessons, bands, purchases, repairs and any service we offer. You may purchase these for family and friends of course, but also to help other students who can not afford to continue lessons during this difficult time. Simply type SCHOLARSHIP in the "To" field and we will set that money aside for those students who have had to discontinue lessons due to financial hardship. We will confirm receipt of your donation by email.


I am pleased to say that I have heard a lot of positive feedback regarding online lessons. I'd appreciate emails from any parents or students, describing their positive experiences and/or any challenges they may have encountered.

If you would like to sign up for online lessons or get more information click here


with MB instructors - Mike McHugh and Suzanne McNeil

Many of our instructors are also performers. Given the current situation, they have little to no opportunity to share their talents and support their income. Beginning this Saturday, MockingBird will be hosting one-hour concerts, live-streamed from our store. These performances will be free for anyone to view on our facebook page (no live audience of course). I will be talking with potential sponsors for this series so that musicians can be properly compensated. Watch for an update this week for more details.


Please watch for emails from your band leaders if you havenot already heard from them.


I am available during our closed times by appointment for repairs and sales. Just send me an email and we can work out the best way to safely get you anything you need.

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