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The Acoustic Amplification Loop1 Looper Pedal provides an unparalleled 30 minutes of total recording time with unlimited overdubs, giving players the ability to create longer phrases and even entire songs on-the-fly while writing or performing. Its simple, one-button footswitch operation gives you quick and complete control over start, stop, record, overdub, undo and redo functions, and its True Bypass design ensures your signal is unaffected when the pedal is not in use. A combination of LED Status and Loop Position lights show the operation mode of the pedal and overall loop position so you’ll know what your recording/looping status is at all times. A single volume knob provides control over the recording loop level allowing for fine tuning of layered sounds. The Loop1 Effect Pedal can do all this in a form factor that’s smaller than the standard effect pedal size, taking up less space on your pedal board. And when you’re done with your performance, the Loop1 stores your loops when powered off and disconnected, allowing you to you to pick up where you left off for your next performance.

Acoustic Loop 1 Looper Pedal

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