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A powerful partner for practice and performance, with a 12" True Blue high headroom speaker and Bluetooth functionality.

The GAMMA G50 is a 12", premium-grade 50W guitar combo amp, specifically designed with exceptional headroom, giving you superior sound, dynamics and clarity, as well as enough power to hang with drums and bass in a high-volume setting. The Blue Channel (channel 1) provides a wide-open, all-analog clean sound that's also the ideal path when stompboxes and multi-FX fully define your tone. A 4-voice channel (channel 2) delivers a full range of all-analog voicings from transparent clean to dynamic mid-gain, and hardcore high gain tones. Meanwhile, Bluetooth and AUX audio inputs make it simple to bring in the sound of tracks and apps from your smartphone, computer or other devices. And it's also easy to switch between the two channels, using the front-panel button or by connecting your own latching footswitch to the rear-panel jack.


  • 12" True Blue high headroom speaker for superior sound, dynamics and clarity
  • Bluetooth audio input makes it simple to bring in the sound of tracks and apps
  • 4-voice versatility: All-analog Clean, Blues, Rock and Metal with adjustable Drive and 3-knob EQ
  • 2-channel operation: Front panel select button, and rear panel jack for your latching footswitch

GAMMA G50 50w Guitar Combo Amp

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