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Welcome to mockingbird

Since its founding in 2001, MockingBird Music has served as a place for musicians of all ages,interests, and abilities to develop their skills alongside instruction from experienced
professionals. Over the years, our band concerts, recitals, musical theater productions, and other events have brought together a vibrant community of students, teachers, and families. In 2020 we moved locations to our current home on Robert Drive in South Easton, next to Target and Big Y. The MockingBird store is an excellent resource for musicians from beginners to professionals. We sell and rent new and used musical instruments - electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, basses, drum sets, cymbals, microphones - as well as the accessories: picks, strings, tuners, pedals, drumsticks, reeds, etc. Should the need arise, MockingBird offers professional repairs
for all musical instruments.

from the owner

MockingBird’s greatest asset is our experienced and friendly staff. As the owner of MockingBird, I bring more than 25 years of experience in music instruction, instrument knowledge, repair service, sound and recording engineering, and customer service. My goal to create a community of music lovers is centered around sharing my experience, expertise and advice with anyone who wants to make music a part of their lives. I think you will find that the staff of instructors, store staff and audio engineers, all share the same passion and ambitions - to assist, teach and share their expertise and skills with you so that you can maximize your potential and enjoyment of playing music. We all look forward to helping you achieve your musical aspirations in any way that we can.

Please feel free to contact me anytime.
Mark DeLuzio - owner
MockingBird Music






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