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Kids, Teens, and Adults

We have programs for all ages and all skill levels! No perfrormance experience needed.

Our instructors have years of experience running these programs and focus on bringing out the best in each student, while encouraging creativity and fun!

You don't need to have any performance experience to participate.

Even if you think you're not ready, give it a try!

You might surprise yourself.


Improve your skills

Those who participate in the program learn valuable team building skills, improve self confidence and self esteem, learn to express their creativity through music, and have a blast!

Students who participate enjoy music more, reach their goals quicker and practice more. We have band programs available for students who have played as few as six months. Students of similar ages are placed with others with similar abilities.



At the end of your session - put on a show on our stage complete with an audience, lighting, and sound!

Ready to Inquire about joining?

Click Here to sign up for a Rock Band

Click Here to sign up for the Teen Jazz Big Band

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