If it's broken, we can fix it

Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo

String Change: Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Uke

$15 + Strings (most are under $10/set)

add $10 for Floyd Rose, Nylon String and 12-String Guitars


Set-up (a tune-up to improve tuning and playability)



Neck Cleaning & Conditioning



Jack Repair

$15 Resolder

$15 Replace + Jack ($10 - $15)


Other Guitar Electronic Repairs



Pickup Replacement

$50/Pickup (we can order all brands of pickups too)

add $25 for new Active Electronic Installation


Fret Filing

minimum $50 - estimates available



$100 - $200


Headstock Reglue

$150 - $250


Top Crack Repairs

minimum $75 - estimates available

Band Orchestra

Band and Orchestra instruments are mostly done off-site. Our repairman has been servicing instruments for 30 years and his work is always guaranteed. If you rent an instrument from us and have the liability coverage on your rental plan there is no cost for your repair and we may be able to provide you a loaner instrument while yours is out.


If you do not have coverage or are not renting from us:

Most repairs range from $25-$75. We can call you before performing any repair over $65 if you prefer.


You may rent a loaner instrument from us for $15 while yours is out.


These repairs are typically a minimum of 1 week and not more than 3 weeks.


In-house repairs:

Violin, Viola, Cello Re-String (includes tuning):

$20 + Strings

Tuning only:



Remove stuck brass mouthpiece:

No Charge


Single Drum Head Replacement:

$10 plus head

​Complete Drumset Re-head:

$50 plus heads

Hardware Repair:

$10 for most repairs


Drum Parts:

We have an abundance of drum parts. Please bring in your broken part, drum or stand so we may find an exact match

Audio Equipment


A $65 deposit is required and will be applied toward your repair. An estimate over that amount can be provided after the technician has time to diagnose the problem. If you choose not to go through with the repair the deposit is considered a diagnostic fee and is non-refundable.

Electronic repairs can take longer than other repairs due to the availability of parts. We will try and get your equipment back to you a soon as we can.