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Cat is an emerging theatre artist and coach who graduated from Wagner College in the spring of 2022 with a BA in Theatre Performance where she focused on vocal technique, music theory, and the art of performance. She has been singing since she was old enough to talk and has taken lessons with some of the best vocal coaches in New York City.


She started her journey in 2014 at Mockingbird as a student and has grown into a knowledgeable vocalist. Ever since then she knew she had a passion for voice and has always wanted to teach others the tips and tricks she has learned along the way. Studying under award winning singers like Angela Owens and Amy Williams have shaped her into the educator she is today and she would not be here without their tremendous help and support. She also trained closely with Broadway conductor Wendy Bobbitt Cavett in her final years of college who helped her grow in understanding of the makeup of the voice.


Her main goal is to help her students grow into the best version of their singer self. It is not a race but a journey of discovery in sustaining and exercising the voice to help grow and maintain vocal range. Cat believes in a well rounded music education so her students will be exposed to reading music at their level (from never seeing a note on paper to composing your own pieces!) as well as knowing other basic music terms and being able to name notes on a piano.


Her objective is to make all students feel confident and ready to share their talents with their friends, family, and the world. She wants to foster an environment where mistakes inspire learning and there is no one path. She believes each student learns differently and will best tailor her training to keep them interested and engaged while improving in confidence and technique.

Experience and Credentials

-Trained in Singing since 2014

-Training on Singers Anatomy

- Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre Performance from Wagner College where she focused on vocal training and technique on a broad scale

-Performing since 2011

- Studied under award winning vocalists Angela Owens and Amy Williams

-Experience auditioning for Musical Theatre

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