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Garret Schmidt

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Garett has been playing music for over 20 years, but he really fell in love with it when he started playing bass at 13, trying to learn Red Hot Chili Peppers basslines. From there he further branched out into other genres (funk, jazz, pop, metal and more!) before writing his own compositions, going on to getting a degree from Berklee College of Music with a major in Film Scoring. 


He journeyed through a variety of instruments from playing violin as a child, then on to piano, ukulele and electric bass, his principal instrument. He has performed with various groups in venues across North America and Asia, and has recorded in various studios throughout the years. Garett has years of experience as a composer and producer, writing scores for films and video games, and is fascinated with music technology and interesting instruments.


Being both classically trained and also rooted in modern popular styles, he understands the balance of musical growth and having fun at the same time. When it comes to his students, he places an emphasis on getting a solid technical foundation, so that they can get on to the music THEY want to play! He'll often take something "boring" and try to make it fun, whether it's showing the real world application in someone's favorite music, or even making a fun exercise out of it. He has a little over 3 years of teaching experience, and has taught a variety of students from young beginner pianists taking their first lessons, to a classroom of ukulele students, jazz harmony lessons, and even a masterclass on film scoring.


When he's not doing music, Garett can be found playing video games, watching hockey, or singing movie themes to himself. To keep up with his music, visit

Experience and Credentials

  • Bachelor of Music, Berklee College of Music.

    Eight CD Releases of original material                 

  • Lifelong musician, has been playing for over 20 years, with 14 years of electric bass experience.

  • Written music for over 30 films and games.

  • Experience playing and teaching across multiple genres.​

Lessons with Garett Schmidt

Garett is available for lessons on:

Mondays 2:00-7:30 pm , Sat 10am-2:30pm, and Fridays  from 2:00 - 7:30 pm

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