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More Punch and Projection
The B100C features 100 watts of Acoustic power, arming you with plenty of power, punch and versatility for full stage performance.

Get that classic Acoustic sound from the B100C’s 12” ferrite speaker, which provides optimal frequency response and sound projection, custom tuned for electric bass.

A tilt-back cabinet feature directs your sound off the floor for better monitoring. This also makes volume leveling adjustments more accurate.


Complete EQ Control, FX Loop and More
With a complement of EQ controls, the B100C gives you plenty of room to dial in your specific tone. A 4-band EQ allows for boosting or cutting low, low-mid, high-mid and high frequencies. The advanced “Shape” voicing control—with user-selectable frequency—gives you compete mid-range tonal shaping to enhance signature sounds. This can emphasize slapping/popping playing techniques.

The B100C overdrive circuit provides an effect expanding, powerful sound for increased tonal variety, and its blend control allows for custom tone sculpting that covers a wide range of musical genres.

The B100C’s FX Loop allows the insertion of additional audio processing gear so you can use your own external effects chain for even more sound options. The Loop is placed after the B100C’s preamp and before the power amp.

Use the XLR Direct Out with Level Control to send your post-preamp sound directly to a PA for FOH amplification or for direct recording in the studio. You can choose to include the internal EQ settings or not.

The B100C includes a convenient Ground Lift circuit that helps to isolate the amp from electrical ground noise, minimizing annoying and signal-killing electrical hum.

Plug your headphones into the 1/8” headphone output and the B100C automatically mutes the 12” speaker for private practice. Use the 1/8” Auxiliary input for your external sound sources like your MP3 player for playing along or practicing with your favorite music.


A Family of Great Tone 
Acoustic bass combos offer pro-quality tone in a range of sizes for players of all walks. From the practice-minded B25C 25W 1x8", to the all-arounder B50C 1x10" with 50 watts, up to the stage-ready B100C 1x12" at 100 watts shown here, these versatile amps deliver the tone bass players love at an unbelievable value. Choose the one that's right for you.

Acoustic B100C 100W Bass Combo With Tilt-Back Cab

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