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The JTR series is the culmination of a collaboration between Samick - one of the world's largest instrument manufacturers - with guitar maker, J.T. Riboloff, who spent twenty years with Gibson, heading the custom, art and historic division. Together they have come up with the JTR range of guitars, many of which provide a fresh, new take on familiar and classic designs.

The RS10 "Rose" is designed for players who desire classic "Tele" tones, but don't necessarily want their axe to be limited to that specific body style. Rather, the RS10 offers a double cutaway body, which provides easier access to those upper frets, while the stylish single-ply white pickguard gives the body a sort of "phantom of the opera mask" effect. The JTR lipstick and classic single-coil pickups serve up plenty of familiar tones that work for anything ranging from rock, to punk, to blues, to funk - and beyond.

Samick JTRRS10 Electric Guitar

$329.00 Regular Price
$299.00Sale Price
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