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The Tama Iron Cobra 200 Series is a high-performance pedal developed using the same design principles as Tama's flagship Iron Cobra 900 series, offering remarkable performance at an affordable price. The HP200P features Tama's Spring Tight technology, which provides an incredibly smooth and fast response as the Cobra Coil spring smoothly returns the footboard to its original position after each kick. In addition, Tama's single-chain Power Glide cam increases power and speed, allowing you to achieve your ideal beater angle for optimal attack on every kick.

Spring Tight Technology Enhances Response

The HP200P features Tama's innovative Spring Tight spring tension rod, which solves the problem of sluggish, heavy pedal action by using a special steel string to quickly return the footboard to the original position without twisting. This provides a smooth, responsive feel underfoot.

Power Glide Cam Increases Power and Speed

Tama's Power Glide cam is equipped on their best-selling Iron Cobra pedals, including the HP200P. Its single-chain, offset cam design increases power and speed as the beater reaches the end of each stroke, allowing for aggressive, powerful kick drum sounds.

Durable Design Built to Last


With a single chain for industrial-strength durability and Para-Clamp hoop clamp for a quick, solid grip on your bass drum hoop, the HP200P is built to handle the demands of regular gigging and practice. Its affordable price makes it perfect for drummers on a budget looking to upgrade their setup with a high-performance kick drum pedal.


A Pedal for Every Player

Whether you're a beginner developing your skills or a professional drummer who wants Tama quality at a lower cost, the HP200P delivers. Its adjustable cam and beater angle provide the flexibility to customize your pedal for optimal speed, power and feel. The HP200P's responsive, durable design brings the legendary Iron Cobra legacy within everyone's reach.

TAMA Iron Cobra 200 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal

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