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This 4-inch x 13-inch steel snare from the TAMA Metalworks series exhibits a crisp, cutting tone that's great for backbeats and side-snare work. Its 1.0mm steel comes outfitted with a set of 8-hole flanged hoops. Together, these deliver a quick tuneup and a versatile range that works for funk to rock, bluegrass to metal. A matte black shell finish and matching hardware (hoops and lugs), along with a round TAMA Metalworks, give this snare a great look from both sides of the kit. For drum kit to concert use, the TAMA Metalworks 4-inch x 13-inch steel snare from Sweetwater is a bona fide multitasker that comes in at an attractive price.

TAMA Metalworks Snare Drum - 4 x 13-inch

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