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Jaco Pastorious is Jeff's idea of the ultimate bass player and musician. He shares with Jaco a love of melody that takes the bass out of a strict sideman role and into the spotlight as an expressive lead instrument. Comfortable on fretless as well as fretted electric bass and six-string guitar, Jeff emphasizes that students should strive to be versatile but disciplined. 

Experience and Credentials

While having a broad background in performance, these days Jeff's musical goal is to "pass on years of knowledge through teaching". His greatest satisfaction comes from watching kids become stronger players. His formula for getting there is simple: "practice, practice, practice". Jeff also applies this method in his pursuit of physical fitness. 

  • Graduate of the University of Massachusetts Lowell

  • Playing bass for 22 years, guitar for 9 years

  • Teaching since 1997

  • Has played in venues up and down the east coast from New Hampshire to Florida

  • Playing styles include funk, jazz, rock and classical

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