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Tama's Iron Cobra 600 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal offers an unparalleled level of customization. The 600 Series features Tama's innovative Duo Glide Cam system, which allows drummers to quickly switch between a round cam for a smooth stroke or an offset cam for increased power and speed. Whether you prefer lightning-fast double bass runs or a consistent feel for every kick, the 600 Series has you covered.

Choose Your Cam and Choose Your Destiny

At the heart of the 600 Series' versatility lies the Duo Glide Cam. Swapping between the round "Rolling Glide" cam and offset "Power Glide" cam takes just seconds but provides a radical difference in pedal feel and response. The Rolling Glide cam offers a linear, consistent action for drummers focused on control and nuance. The Power Glide cam increases both power and speed for a more aggressive playing style. With the 600 Series, Tama has placed complete control over pedal feel into drummers' hands.

Built to Last and Perform

Like all Iron Cobra pedals, the 600 Series is built to withstand years of intense playing. Its precision-engineered hinge and frame provide a sturdy base for the pedal's advanced features. The 600 Series' double chain drive, borrowed from Tama's 900 Series Iron Cobras, delivers power and durability to spare. Anti-slip rubber grips on the footboard and base plate prevent slippage on any surface.

Premium Features for Premium Sound

The 600 Series comes loaded with high-end components to provide premium performance. The "Speedo-Ring" rocker cam uses a ball bearing to enable lightning-fast, fluid action. A conveniently located beater angle adjustment dial lets drummers fine-tune their sound.

Take Control of Your Sound

For drummers seeking maximum versatility and control in a bass drum pedal, look no further than the Tama Iron Cobra 600 Series. With the ability to change pedal feel in an instant, the 600 Series puts drummers fully in charge of crafting their signature sound. Experience the 600 Series.

TAMA Iron Cobra 600 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal

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