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Even before TAMA was established as a separate company over 50 years ago, they were producing complete, quality, value-laden, full-sized, entry-level drum kits under the Star brand. The TAMA Stagestar drum sets maintain that long tradition, providing value-minded players with the sound and playability they crave at an outstanding price and in an all-inclusive package.


Drum Shells That Speak Clearly

TAMA Stagestar's 6-ply, 7 mm shells are made of poplar. Poplar shells are known for their combination of a strong attack and warm, full sound, with a deep fundamental and balanced sustain. They also produce a wide dynamic range, with clarity and control from whisper quiet to full-blown blitz. This five-piece kit includes 10x8" and 12x9" rack toms, 16x15" floor tom, 14x5.5" snare and a beefy 22x16" kick drum.


Hardware Sturdy Enough for the Stage

TAMA was the first company to develop heavy-duty drum hardware, and the double-braced cymbal boom, hi-hat and snare stands, and drum throne included with the TAMA Stagestar kit can stand (we couldn't resist) up to that legacy—and to the rigors of heavy playing. The drum throne features spindle adjustment for quicker and more precise positioning than a fixed-bolt-style height adjustment. The included kick drum pedal has separate spring tension and beater angle adjustments for easy personalization of your pedal feel. The drums also feature TAMA's Omnisphere tom mount, with a sturdy ball and socket arm design that holds securely while allowing for flexible positioning. The mounting system is designed to keep the L-arms from penetrating the tom shells, making for unimpeded shell resonance and a clear, open tom sound.


Everything But the Sticks

The TAMA Stagestar is a complete kit, ready to set up and play out of the box—the only extra things you need are a pair of sticks and the urge to drum (don't forget to practice those rudiments). It even includes cymbals—a 14" hi-hat pair and 16" crash—made of a heavier gauge brass than you normally find in entry-level kits, providing increased durability and volume, as well as richer tone.


Play With Sparkle

Just because it's a kit aimed at the value-conscious drummer doesn't mean that it looks plain. TAMA sparkle wrap finishes in a variety of available colors make it stand out, whether you're jamming with friends or taking it to the stage. Combining full-size drums and full-size sound at a less-than-full-sized price, you'll be more than ready to find your groove

TAMA Stagestar 5-Piece Complete Drum Set Sea Blue Mist

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