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Summer grew up always playing music. At age 5, she began to play the violin and taught herself how to play tunes by ear. At age 10, Summer learned the saxophone and she is self-taught on the piano. Summer joined many bands such as East Bay Woodwind Ensemble, Jazz Band, and Concert Band. In high school, Summer focused heavily on vocals. She was in a multitude of performances at St. Mary’s Academy Bay View and had roles in shows at Stadium Theatre. Summer was also a part of Allstate and ranked top 10 her junior year.


Summer attended Wagner College where she earned her Bachelor’s in Theatre Studies. While in school, she took vocal lessons once a week while in school. She was a part of the Marching Band, College Choir, Treble Choir, and Chamber Choir. Summer also was the President and Music Director of Wagner’s Co-Ed a capella group, Good Vibratones. She arranged all of the music herself and taught it to the members of the group. As President, she made arrangements for concerts, set dates and times, and sent out invitations to other colleges to attend and participate.

After school, she worked as a Theatre Director at Bellingham High School and now focuses on teaching private lessons.

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